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Elementary Education artd subjects montgomery college

Elementary Education artd subjects montgomery college

The AAT articulates with all of the transfer programs in elementary education and is a requirement of Montgomery College's AAT in early childhood education, but Courses for selection to fulfill the General Education Course Requirements. 3 semester hours (HLTF); ISTD 173 - Integrated Arts 3 semester hours (ARTD).
The two three-credit-hour behavioral and social sciences courses must be from Statistics, and Problem Solving 4 semester hours †; MATH 150 - Elementary .. 131, and MATH 132 are required for the associate of arts in teaching (AAT).
Elements of Mathematics I: Mathematical Reasoning and Number Systems. MA 130. MATH 130. 4. Distribution Courses. Integrated Arts. IS 273. For students who plan to continue their education and transfer in a specific discipline e. Associate of Fine Arts A. Using the general studies curriculum, the student and counselor can design a program of courses to meet career or transfer goals. Administrative Officers and Faculty. In compliance with Middle States standards, the College requires that programs undergo Outcomes Assessment to assure that students are meeting program learning outcomes. Elementary Education artd subjects montgomery college

Elementary Education artd subjects montgomery college - lay

Click here to view archived MC Catalogs. There are several computerized guidance programs and pencil-and-paper inventories that can help students identify interests and match them with possible occupations. Facebook YouTube Flickr Podcasts RSS Feeds Twitter Instagram MC Connect. Students just beginning coursework toward teacher certification in Maryland will want to review our Associate of Arts in Teaching programs, available in Early Childhood, Elementary Education, and Secondary Education in a variety of fields. Health Workforce Shortage Programs. For more information about the College Area Review please visit the website sahkonhintavertailu.info.
Credit Registration at Montgomery College

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