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Business Administration list of subjects in high school

Business Administration list of subjects in high school

Students searching for Careers and Occupations List found the articles, information, and resources on this page helpful. BA in Business Administration · BA in Communication Studies · BA in Liberal Arts. Associate. AA Early Must be a high school graduate or have completed GED .. What subject are you interested in?.
UFV offers a program leading to a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. A set of core courses in business, mathematics, communications, and Students may enter the program directly from high school, or they may ladder into.
High School Students and Teachers The Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree offers 12 different subject majors The following table is designed to help you identify major subjects offered by the School of Business and Economics good general preparation and background for an executive or administrative career.

Business Administration list of subjects in high school - template are

If your school offers computer technology classes make sure you enroll, as these skills will be integral through college and into your career. KPE - Kinesiology and Physical Education. Management graduates are found in every kind of organisation. The following majors and minors are available in the BBA program:. Leading and Managing Resilient Organisations LMRO. A student who earns proficiency credit is given the amount of credit toward graduation regularly allowed in the course. Q: Human resource management is one of the business admin courses. Business Administration list of subjects in high school
ABT - Applied Business Technology. BUS - Business Administration. Q: If I pursue business administration online, will I be able to pick an area to specialize in? Q: Which different Business Administration courses are currently being offered online? Grades of C or better are required to transfer courses from other institutions. Students generally fulfill this requirement through their electives, but there may be a few upper-class students who can fulfill the requirement with the ACE course requirements. Students enrolling for their first semester with junior standing or morewill see that the list of approved courses includes a few business courses.

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