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Religious Studies the majors

Religious Studies the majors

Religious Studies majors develop specialized concentrations as they plan a major program in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies and other.
When people find out that you're a religion major, a lot of questions usually The preparation religious studies offers for a wide variety of jobs and careers.
Major in Religious Studies. Requirements. The departmental major consists of 12 courses in the department: Religion 170 (or Introduction to Religion.

Religious Studies the majors - write the

Reading, translation, and analysis of Gnostic and Valentinian literature from Nag Hammadi, in several dialects of Coptic. Prior course work in American history, black music and popular culture, and religious studies is helpful.. Recommended preparation: a course in Asian religions.. To become a member of the clergy see theology , requirements vary by state and by religion, but most require some form of licensure or certification. Readings in philosophy, literature, and religious thought from antiquity to the present. An examination of millennial and "end-time" beliefs in a variety of cultures around the world.

Procedures: Religious Studies the majors

Religious Studies the majors Skip to main content, Religious Studies the majors. Submenu for: Undergraduate Undergraduate Home First-Year Focus Major Interdisciplinary Concentrations Learning Goals and Outcomes Undergraduate Awards Senior Thesis Honors Program Minor Religious Studies Minor Catholic Studies Courses Career Paths Major in Religious Studies. UCSB has the premier Religious Studies department in the University of California system. A broad introduction to the history of the Jews from biblical beginnings until the European Reformation and the Ottoman Empire. McLester Colloquium with Benjamin Zeller. The relationship between religion and war in American history from colonial beginnings through Vietnam. Q: I am studying abroad next term.
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Religious Studies the majors The basic doctrines and practices of India's three classical religions, Buddhism, Jainism, and Hinduism, explored through close reading of texts in translation. All courses counted toward the major must be taken for a letter grade and completed with a C Religious Studies the majors or above. Majors who plan to study abroad in the Fall Term of the academic year in which they anticipate graduation should plan to complete six courses in the major by the Fall Term of their junior year. See Descriptions of Regularly Taught Courses. Exploration of diverging approaches to the Pentateuch in light of the different intellectual and cultural contexts in which Jewish scholarship thrived. On average, at least half of our majors also major in another discipline or program.

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