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Geology categories of college majors

Geology categories of college majors

Students who major in Geological and Earth Sciences take classes in biology, mineralogy, geochemistry, physical geology, and petrology in order to learn.
Geography majors often conduct research off campus. This fieldwork can take a variety of forms. If your focus is on physical geography, you might study the rocks.
As geology majors explore the Earth's history, they gain valuable insight into some of In an introductory geology class, you'll learn the basics of the major.

Geology categories of college majors - assignment

Oceanography is an area of science concerned with the sea and its inhabitants. Mathematics and Computer Science. The plan of study begins with extensive course work in biology, chemistry, physics, introductory geography, and advanced mathematics. Students seeking certification as soil scientists by the Soil Science Society of America will be required to take additional courses in botany, plant pathology, and silviculture. Check with a departmental advisor for final program. Science and Engineering Home. Such topics as carbon dioxide levels, toxic chemicals, radioactivity, and endangered species are of interest to this major. Stereotypes vs Reality: College Majors

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